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Dark Prog / Psygressive / Minimal Tech

COLLABORATIVE PAGES : GNOSIS - @gnosispsytrance TROGON - @trogon-forest Tyler Archer aka Tystix is a producer from South Africa focused on Dark Psygressive tek trance with fresh follow action style percussion, deep atmospheres and futuristic sound design. Since a young age he has been fascinated by experimental and psychedelic music, especially Progressive and Psytrance music he heard growing up in the local trance community, anything rhythmic and organic has always put a smile on his face. After learning to beat match and mix his favorite influences through CDJ'S, it was in late 2012 he decided to start learning to produce his own music with his friends and have all been going at it ever since. His music can be described as minimal, experimental,technical and dark. LABLES RELEASED WITH : TechnoPhobia Records [Israel] Insonitus Records [UK] ModGoblin Records [Australia]

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